Hello Kitty Fever. So cutee!

Hyee.. I'm back again for the next story.
I bet all of us already known the cute character of cartoon Hello Kitty right? The cute kitten which doesn't have the MOUTH! hahaha but,still cute !
Should believe there's a Hello Kitty cafe and hotel around Asian. Comes, let me show you..
just a picture laa which I get from the Google. HAHAHA. :D


HELLO KITTY CAFE!! See the decorations of the cafe signboard ? yeah this cafe is located at Seoul, Korea.
p/s : Future, can we have honeymoon at there someday? k bye >.<

This is the Hello Kitty cafe counter. 

The holes at the wall is too cute !
I wish I could do that shaped in my living room in my OWN house. hehee :D


The interior decorations of the cafe. Adorable right? Yeah It is! <3 <3 <3

GOSH! So Sooo Sooo cute that sofa. hukhuk. where can I get sofa such like this guys?? sobsob :'D

These seat looks comfy too. 

The mirror in the toilet !! Wish can put this mirror in my future daughter bathroom. may be! Oh plsss..hahaha :D

And this the Hello Kitty Living room !! I want this living room. I want this. I want this. Soooooooooo adorable! <3 <3 <3 If I came back from the work at least I can feel cute when I landing at these comfy seat and watch the Tv with the cute backdrop. Oh wish this could be in my reality.... :S

~ till then ~

2 pengomel yang comei:

✿ Cik Nisa ✿ said...

ala comellll yer !

CucuTokMat said...

@✿ Cik Nisa ✿hehehe. kan cik nisa? comeyy sgt.. :D


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