Contest Sweet Memories wif BFF

Thanks Huda coz tagging me ! :)
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Now, time to see the pic !! :)

This is my friend since primary school,secondary school and now my classmate in IPTA. and that's why many people out there wondering why both of we to close. :') and i love her. she's always in behind me and helping me in my studies and personal life. thanks buddies !! i very appreciate it soo mucchh. <3 <3
*and u too heavy sitting on me .sigh.. -_-

You all the best besssttt friends i ever had. and i always hoping our friendship will the never end untill some of we getting married. Oppss !! heee ^_^

thankss buddies coz always be here when i need you ... Lots of love for you friendss !! :') :') 

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